Dorothy Alig graduated with her MA in Art History from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She was also the Senior Conservator of Textiles and Costumes at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for 14 years. Alig’s intuitive reaction when creating color, line, shape and composition for each personality trait represents an understanding that she cannot always determine the exactitude of each image, but allows the process to produce the outcome. “Without getting into complicated self-analysis, the viewer is invited to consider their own tendencies towards introversion or extroversion, intuitive or sensory thinking etc.” Her process gives the viewer the ability to visually choose what personality they are intuitively, not by the title alone.

Alig has works in the collections of Indiana State Museum, Wabash University and Community Hospital Foundation to name a few. She is also well established within the arts community of Indianapolis and has exhibited her work extensively.


Dorothy Alig, Subtle Complexities Dan Grossman
14 Jun. 2011