JOAN GRUBIN engages in an evolving investigation using paper, light, color, and space, to create optical experiences which raise questions about the discrepancy between what we see and what we know. Grubin's intention is to focus on the act of seeing itself, and to orchestrate perception in ways that are at once pleasurable, disorienting, and hypnotic.

Specifically, Grubin makes dimensional installations, objects, and smaller wall works that revolve around a collaboration between the physical presence of pigment on paper and the visible but immaterial partners of reflected color, cast shadows, and negative space. The minimal physical materiality of paper, as well as an extreme economy of means, support the notion that much can come from very little. Paper brings with it a buoyancy and warmth, and keeps the work close the spirit of its conception and the process of its making.

Grubin's practice has been moving steadily towards an engagement with the space in which it appears. Often it is made in response to a particular venue, its lighting characteristics, perhaps some architectural feature - so that the surrounding space becomes an extension of the work itself.


LEAVINGS: The After Images Wall Street International
26 Jan. 2017
LEAVINGS: The After Images Artsy
4 Jan. 2017
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