The boxes and cartons are signage for the mysteries of form, like origami in reverse,
or recycling as subject as well as medium—
the traditional garbage of packaging become transcendent waste.

-Stephen Vincent Kobasa, Art New England


Linda Lindroth, artist and writer, lives and works in New Haven, CT. Her work incorporates all media particularly still photographs. Linda Lindroth frequently collaborates with her husband, architect Craig Newick. In her most recent series, Trickster in Flatland, 2011-12, and Recent Disturbances, 2015, Lindroth deconstructs and examines objects in an abstract way by photographing them. She finds something with an interesting color, surface or provenance and, with either a camera or flatbed scanner, creates a flattened image of it. In this two-dimensional photographic form, the object takes on an abstract quality with colors and details that invigorate the senses.


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21 Feb. 2018
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26 Jan. 2017
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14 Dec. 2012
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7 Sep. 2012
Trickster in Flatland
Jan. 2012

Introduction to the current oeuvre of artist Linda Lindroth